Carnegie Mellon University

This page will give you some sample language that may be helpful as a starting point for developing your disclosure language, but the most appropriate language may vary depending on your circumstances, the space available in a proposal, etc.  ORIC can provide guidance on any specific disclosure wording.

IRB Consent Forms:

Dr. X has a financial interest in a company (Y) that may benefit from the results of this research.  It is possible that he may personally profit from this research.

Proposal Submissions:

  • Dr. X is the founder and CEO of Y as well as a faculty member at CMU. She has disclosed this relationship to CMU and will restrict her participation to Carnegie Mellon’s scope of work. She will also comply with a conflict of interest management plan for this award if CMU’s Office of Research Integrity and Compliance determines that one is necessary.
  • Dr. X (CMU faculty and founder of Company Y) will [describe role].
  • Dr. X has a consulting relationship with Company Y, but will be working on this project solely in their CMU capacity.