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August 31, 2022

News Briefs

Fifth and Clyde Residence Hall Earns LEED Gold Status

Carnegie Mellon’s Fifth and Clyde Residence Hall has earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its energy efficiency and sustainability.

Fifth and Clyde, which opened in fall 2021, is a 98,000 square-foot, six-story residence hall on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Clyde Street, where 264 upper-class students live in semi-suite and suite configurations. The building has a 5,000-square-foot community space, called the Fifth Avenue Neighborhood Commons, with dedicated rooms for music, dance, wellness and study. At the heart of the Commons, overlooking the courtyard, is a hearth (pictured above) where students can gather to socialize, relax and study.

The project achieved a total of 72 points — the highest score a CMU building has achieved — of the needed 60 for LEED Gold. Some of the building’s sustainable highlights include:

  • a shared heating and cooling system with the nearby Fifth/Neville Apartments allows for more efficient energy generation;
  • a highly efficient exterior structure includes a mineral wool insulation system, which uses no petroleum products and is more sustainable to manufacture;
  • the energy recovery system captures residual heat and recirculates it back into the building, reducing the need to heat cooler outdoor air;
  • four green roofs intercept rainwater from city sewers, and additional stormwater management practices slow the flow of rainwater into the sewers in major rainstorms;
  • an extensive use of recycled materials; the bricks comprise a majority of recycled glass and furniture throughout the building uses sustainable materials;
  • parking for electric vehicles is on-site and over 100 bicycle parking spaces are included inside the building; and
  • the lumber from large trees on the site was harvested and incorporated into public art throughout the building.

Fifth and Clyde is the 13th building at CMU to earn LEED Gold status and the 25th overall to achieve LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Carnegie Mellon is committed to adopting the LEED green building rating system for all new construction and significant renovations.

Workday Update and Outage Set for September 9–11

Workday will be implementing enhancements to its homepage as part of the regularly scheduled bi-annual system update on September 12. While the look and feel of the user interface will change, the functionality of the applications and the underlying tasks will remain the same. To accommodate these updates, Workday will be unavailable from Friday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET through Sunday, September 11 at 6 p.m. ET. 

The newly enhanced homepage displays relevant tasks, applications, announcements, as well as information and recommendations — completely personalized to the user. The updated user interface also provides a stronger search experience, balancing speed, relevancy and greater user control. Finally, machine learning drives suggested tasks, learning from the tasks that you perform in Workday day-to-day. The three recommended tasks should be the three most important for that given time. To learn more about the updated user interface, please view this brief video overview.

Workday will also update the appearance of the Careers website for external (non-CMU) users. Updates include additional flexibility with filtering, allowing users to create and link to a filtered search. To enhance the university’s recruiting efforts, Workday is providing additional customization of onsite messaging.

These changes should enhance the user experience while leaving intact core functionality. Users will continue to receive task notifications via email and their Workday mailbox. Therefore, the extensive library of Workday user guides are still accurate. So, if you need guidance with any task in Workday, please reference the applicable guide.

New Year Sees Highest Enrollment at CMU-Q

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) has enrolled the highest number of students in campus history. There are 467 students from 60 nations registered at CMU-Q for the 2022-23 academic year.

“We have an exceptional partner in Qatar Foundation, who helps make a Carnegie Mellon education in Qatar possible for talented and motivated students from Qatar and around the world," said CMU-Q Dean Michael Trick.  

The incoming class includes 119 students who are beginning their studies in one of four programs: biological sciences, business administration, computer science, or information systems.

 “This is the largest student body we have ever had, and I am delighted to see the enthusiasm and dedication to learning. I wish each student a wonderful, enriching university experience this year," Trick said.

CMU-Q opened its doors in 2004 with only 41 students in two programs of study. With 15 graduating classes, the total number of alumni is now more than 1,100.

Care@Work Provides Family Care Benefits

Carnegie Mellon offers family care benefits through Through the Care@Work program, prescreens qualified caregivers to help eligible individuals find backup emergency care for children and adults. The program also includes a free membership to perform self-directed searches for a variety of caregiving needs.

Visit the website and view the Overview of Care@Work [pdf] to learn more.

Seeking Students to Make a Social Impact; Apply by September 14

What if you could help prevent the next pandemic? Or tackle other pressing problems like climate change, extreme poverty, global public health, nuclear security, risks from advanced AI or animal welfare?

Effective Altruism, CMU’s Social Impact program, helps students figure out how they can do the most good with their careers by combining evidence and compassion to find the best opportunities for improving the world. Participants also will discuss criticisms of, and uncertainties about effective altruism.

The six-week program will start in mid- to late-September and run until early November. It will feature weekly discussions and optional socials to think through how you can increase your positive impact through your career.

Sudents need to apply by September 14.

Learn Something New at University Libraries

Have you ever wanted to learn a skill, but haven’t found the time? Interested to learn more about library resources, straight from a librarian? This semester’s workshops at the University Libraries offer numerous opportunities to connect with resources to support your teaching, learning and research needs.

The workshops, which are offered by the Libraries each semester on a variety of topics, are designed to help attendees learn a new skill, deepen their understanding of a specific topic, or gain exposure to an unfamiliar technology, tool or technique.

All workshops are available at no charge and are open to Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff. In-person and virtual workshops are available. Seating is limited and registration is required.

For a complete list of workshops and to register online, visit If you’re not able to attend a specific workshop, but would like to learn more about the topic, please feel welcome to contact University Libraries. Librarians and subject specialists are also available to schedule additional workshops for classes or facilitate one-on-one meetings.

Gelfand Center Offers Saturday Classes for K-9 Students

The Gelfand Center is hosting many new Saturday morning classes this fall for your K-9 students. The classes are STEM focused and highlight the research and work of Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff.

Classes are developed to be fun, engaging, rigorous and hands-on. Spots are available to register your child. The program brochure is online. Register your child today.

Employee Referral Program Seeks Staff Recommendations

Carnegie Mellon’s Staff Employee Referral Program (ERP) encourages current employees, through rewards, to refer qualified external candidates for open full-time and part-time staff positions at CMU. 

Eligible staff members who submit a referral to positions in the ERP will receive a one-time monetary reward of $500 to $1,500 depending on the position. The reward payment is contingent upon the referred candidate’s hire, completion of their provisional period and meeting all requirements set forth in the Staff ERP Guidelines [pdf]. Visit the Careers website to learn more about the program, the qualifying positions, eligibility requirements and how to make a referral.

The Employee Referral Program page provides several resources, including FAQs about the program.  If you are a hiring manager who is interested in including your open position in the ERP, please review the program guidelines and reach out to your HR Recruiter

Sign Up to Join the First CMU Heart Walk Team 

On September 17, Carnegie Mellon’s Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) will sponsor the first CMU Heart Walk team to benefit the American Heart Association (AHA). The Pittsburgh Heart Walk will take place in Point State Park (check-in at 8 a.m.; walk begins at 10 a.m.), and participants can complete either one or two laps around the park.

The Heart Walk is AHA’s premier event and helps to:

  • Save the lives of kids born with congenital heart defects and adults struggling with heart disease;
  • Teach thousands how to save lives through CPR training; and
  • Fund the next heart and stroke medical breakthrough.

Visit the CMU team page to join our team or donate to the team or an individual walker.

Also, if you are not familiar with the ERGs at CMU, please visit the ERG website to learn more and get involved.

Who's New at CMU?

Carnegie Mellon welcomes the following new staff members this week.

  • Caitlin Carey, Recruitment Coordinator, Career Services, Heinz College;
  • John Davis, Administrative Coordinator, Human Computer Interaction Institute;
  • Anne Hassett Moy, Temporary Employment Service, HR Operations;
  • Anandi Hira, Data Scientist, SEI Ssd Tsapp Software Engineering Measure Analyst;
  • Cheng Hu, Early Childhood Aide, HR Operations;
  • Elsa Hannan, Animal Husbandry Technician I, Micv Lab;
  • Ellen Sauer, Early Child Educator, HR Operations;
  • Gloria Darko, Assistant Director of Admission, Undergraduate Admissions;
  • Krista Aylwin, Associate Teacher, The Children's School;
  • Kimberly Kaufman, Temporary Employment Service, HR Operations;
  • Kaycei Moton-Melancon, Research Associate I, Biological Sciences;
  • Nicole Weaver, Administrative Assistant, Career Center;
  • Nicholas Testa, Senior Data Scientist, SEI Ssd Tsapp Software Engineering Measure Analyst;
  • Roman Tikhonov, Predoctoral Fellow - Social & Decision Sciences;
  • Sara Rau, Early Childhood  Teacher, The Children’s School;
  • Tabbitha Gordon, Administrative Coordinator, Mathematical Sciences;
  • Victor Poulsen, Predoctoral Fellow, Social & Decision Sciences;
  • Charles Schmidt, Adjunct Instructor, Architecture;
  • Jill Swensen, Adjunct Instructor, Architecture; and
  • John Crowley, MIIPS Adjunct Instructor of Integrated Innovation Institute - Pittsburgh, Integrated Innovation for Products and Services.