Carnegie Mellon University

Employee Referral Program

Through the Staff Employee Referral Program (ERP), current employees are encouraged to refer qualified external candidates for open full-time and part-time staff positions at Carnegie Mellon. Through the ERP, we hope to harness internal networks and create competitive and diverse candidate pools.

Eligible staff members who submit a referral to positions in the ERP will receive a one-time monetary reward of $500 to $1,500 depending on the position. The reward payment is contingent upon the referred candidate’s hire, completion of their provisional period and meeting all requirements set forth in the Staff ERP Guidelines [pdf].

Contact your area's HR recruiter with any questions about the program.

Access Positions in the Employee Referral Program

Log in to Workday and navigate to the Career Worklet, then click “Positions in the Employee Referral Program” to view all positions currently participating in the program.

Referral Process and Eligibility Requirements

For the CMU staff member to be eligible for the employee referral reward, the applicant must list the referring CMU staff member’s name as the referral source during time of application.

All CMU staff, except those identified below, are eligible to receive the employee referral reward provided the referred applicant is not an existing CMU staff member, a former CMU staff member (re-hire), or a temporary or contingent worker doing work for CMU. Those staff members ineligible for the reward include:

  • Staff members in the AVP-HR supervisory organization
  • Staff members in Australia or Rwanda
  • Any individual directly involved in the recruiting, selection and hiring decision for the position
  • Immediate family members of the referred individual. Immediate family includes a spouse or registered domestic partner, child, parent, sibling, grandchild, grandparent, parent-in-law, and sibling-in-law.
  • Members of the Executive Management Team and/or University Leadership Council

Employee Referral Reward Payment Timing and Eligibility

The referred applicant must be hired for the position and complete their six-month provisional period. Provided the above requirements are met, the employee referral reward will be issued to the referring CMU staff member in the next available pay period following the completion of the provisional period.

  • If the referred staff member separates from the university prior to the completion of the provisional period, no payment will be made.
  • The referring staff member must be an active employee at the time of the referral and at the conclusion of the new hire’s provisional period to receive payment.

Include an Open Position in the ERP

Hiring teams interested in having their open position(s) participate in the Employee Referral Program should contact their area's HR recruiter.

  • Eligible Positions:
    • Open and posted regular full-time or part-time staff positions.
    • Open and posted fixed-term staff positions with an anticipated duration of 6 months or greater.
  • Ineligible Positions:
    • Open staff positions in the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Australia or Rwanda.
    • Adjunct, Intern, Extern, Post-Doctoral Associate/Fellow, Temporary Employment Services (TES), student worker or sponsored project positions.