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January 18, 2022

Mitigation Minutes: Key Steps for Spring Semester

From boosters to baseline testing to facial coverings, here is a summary of the steps you need to take this semester to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and its highly transmissible Omicron variant.


  • All eligible U.S.-based members of the CMU community must get a COVID-19 booster shot and upload confirmation to CMU’s Vaccine Database through HealthConnect by February 16, or within 60 days of becoming eligible for the booster. Instructions on how to enter your COVID-19 vaccine information to the database can be found on the COVID-19 Vaccine Database webpage.
  • If you have already received an exemption from vaccination, you are automatically exempt from the booster requirement. If you are vaccinated but wish to request exemption from a booster, please complete a booster exemption form.
  • If you have not yet received a booster, CMU is offering free booster clinics throughout the spring semester. Please schedule an appointment.

Baseline Testing

  • All CMU community members are required to complete a baseline test during the month of January regardless of vaccination status.
  • If your test is negative, there is nothing more you need to do. If it is positive, follow the steps outlined on the COVID-19 reporting page.

Facial Coverings

  • CMU’s facial covering requirements continue as the spring semester begins. 
  • Given the high-transmissibility of the Omicron variant, please consider moving to a higher-grade of facial covering, such as a KN95 or KF94. You can also consider double-masking by using a cloth mask over a disposable mask.

Questions? Visit the FAQs on the COVID-19 website for more information or send email to