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COVID-19 Updates

Information and resources for the CMU community

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Symptoms & Reporting

How to Report a Positive Test

Members of the CMU community who receive a positive test must report their result to Community Health and Well-Being (CHWB):

The reporting system will guide you through a brief survey regarding symptoms and test date. You will then receive an email with individualized guidance regarding isolation dates, instructions for isolating, notification of close contacts, and the return to campus process. Information regarding spaces occupied while infectious will be solicited as needed to assess for cleaning and room closure needs.

University Quarantine and Isolation Requirements

Type of Exposure

Minimum Days of Isolation or Quarantine

COVID-19 positive/probable (isolation) 7
Identified as a close contact and vaccinations not up to date 0
Identified as a close contact but vaccinations are up to date 0

What should I do if I've been identified as a close contact?

Wear a high quality facial covering for 10 days after your last exposure to the COVID-19 positive individual.  Take a COVID-19 test (either antigen or PCR) 5-7 days after the exposure. If you are asymptomatic, you may use Tartan Testing for close contact testing. If you become symptomatic, test immediately.