M. Stephanie Murray, Ph.D. email Posner Hall 150A
Director & Academic Advisor, BXA Intercollege Degree Programs
Associate Teaching Professor
Junior, Senior, Internal Transfer & Prospective BXA students: Schedule an appointment

Academic AdvisorM. Stephanie Murray can: teach you critical theory in three minutes; draw very charming cats on a blackboard; whip your resume into shape; offer candy; advise your Capstone Project. She can also help you see the practical application of the skills you develop as a BXA student and can remind you why failure is an important research method.

How can she do such an astonishing array of things? Because she has a background in teaching courses on gender and culture in Early Modern English literature, as well as introductions to cultural studies and literary theory. She’s also worked as a graduate liaison between undergraduate English majors and career placement resources. And she has experience working with interdisciplinary graduate students in planning degree curricula and advising masters’ theses. The cat drawings just come naturally.

In her spare time, Dr. Murray thinks a lot about revenge tragedy. She did her doctoral work at the University of Chicago, focusing on Early Modern English drama. Her dissertation, “Dead Reckoning: Knowing and Telling in Early Modern Revenge Tragedy and History Plays,” investigates strategies of epistemology and narrative in plays by Kyd, Marlowe, and Shakespeare. Her recent work has extended this research into thinking about the specialized technical languages of the Early Modern period and how they turn up in literature, with conference presentations on feminine performances of sprezzatura and the language of legal motive in Shakespeare’s poetry.

Dr. Murray teaches the BXA Seminar I: Building the Wunderkammer (52-190) for incoming BXA freshmen, focusing on modes of representation across modes, adaptation of media, and remix culture. This involves a lot of theory, literature, and YouTube videos. She also teaches the BXA Capstone Seminars (52-401 and 52-402) which guides BXA seniors through how to organize their research for their senior projects. This involves more theory, lots of documentation tools, and a tiny bit of YouTube videos.

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