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Office of Enrollment Management


Degree & Enrollment Verifications

The University Registrar's Office handles all verifications and other degree-related information. There are four types of verification: Degree, Enrollment, Early Completion and Course Description. Learn about each and find instructions for requesting a verification. All verifications are produced in PDF format and delivered via email.

Degree Verification

Degree Verifications officially provide proof of degree(s) awarded and graduation date, or expected degree(s) and expected graduation date.

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Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verifications officially provide proof of current enrollment at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Early Completion Verification

Students whose program completion dates are earlier than their graduation dates may request Early Program Completion Verifications.

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Course Description Verification

A course description verification letter provides the semester, long and short titles, department and course description that is officially recorded by the university.

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Request Verification

Please choose the appropriate category below to find instructions for making your verification request. 

Go to Student Information Online (SIO). You can download a PDF verification of enrollment and/or degree by selecting Request Verification under the Academic Info tab.

Former students may submit a signed Verification Request (pdf) form and email it to

You may ask your student to request a verification letter through Student Information Online (SIO). Your student may also invite you to use My Plaid Student, which allows invited users, such as parents, guardians and others, to request verifications.

Carnegie Mellon utilizes the National Student Clearinghouse as our agent to supply verifications for student and alumni attendance and degrees awarded; QPA/GPA information is provided on the student's official transcript. All commercial requests can be handled through the National Student Clearinghouse. Please visit or call 703-742-4200.

Diploma Authentication & Replacement

A diploma authentication is a notarized, signed letter listing a student's degree and graduation date. Replacement diplomas may be ordered online via Parchment. 

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