Carnegie Mellon University

Student Records

Students will need to request and present official university documents for a variety of reasons both during and after enrollment at Carnegie Mellon University. The University Registrar's Office is responsible for the maintenance and documentation of all student records, and The HUB assists in providing services to meet these student needs.

Supporting Student Identity

Managing Student Identity

Carnegie Mellon recognizes that addressing students by their preferred name and using accurate pronouns is critical to a sense of belonging. As such, the university offers data services that enable students to manage their identities in a number of ways so they may select how they wish to be identified and addressed. 

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Directory Information

Carnegie Mellon publishes a student directory, which includes certain information about a student. Students wishing to restrict their directory information should complete a Directory Information Restriction (pdf) form and submit it to The HUB. 

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Post-Graduation Name Change Requests

Alumni of the university may wish to change the name on their university records for a variety of reasons following graduation from the university. Carnegie Mellon University treats all requests for post-graduation name changes equally regardless of the reason for the requested change.

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