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Comprehensive & Integrated Enrollment Management

The HUB is Carnegie Mellon University’s one-stop-shop offering comprehensive services and counsel to enrolled students and families for financial aid, billing and payments, registration activities, and academic records. With the goal of supporting student enrollment and persistence, The HUB provides individualized attention and technologically responsive tools in a professional, welcoming and accessible environment. The HUB also delivers ID Card services for the entire campus community.

In 2022, The HUB Answered...





Personalized HUB Liaison Support

Staff in The HUB are appointed to serve as liaisons for students based on college/school. They provide service and counsel by responding to specialized enrollment inquiries and meeting one-on-one with students and parents. Combined, the liaisons assisted students and families in 2022 through 1,185 phone and in-person/zoom appointments. You can find your liaison on your SIO contacts page or by selecting the link below.

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Student Services Specialists

Student Services Specialists (SSS's) are The HUB's front-line response team. You can find them at the front desk greeting students, family members and other visitors, as well as answering phones, responding to emails and producing ID Cards. The SSS's have broad knowledge in all aspects of enrollment management and excellent customer service skills. In 2022, the SSS's answered 17,778 questions from students and 4,945 questions from parents

Meet The HUB Staff


"You supported and advocated for him each year and worked with us diligently finding ways to keep him in school. We will always remember your kindness."

~ Family of a CMU Alumnus

"You were so calm, patient, and professional. Also, you gave us advice and direction on how to proceed with finishing (our student's) finances."

~ Family of a CMU Undergraduate Student

"You've literally been the most supportive person I have had the pleasure of dealing with in college and if I could submit a review or survey or recommendation, I would give you a bazillion/10."

~ CMU Undergraduate Student

"When I came to Melissa for insight about applying for a student loan I didn't know the first thing about it. She walked me through the application and expedited the process so that the loan would disburse before the spring semester... I honestly don't know what kind of situation I would be in if Melissa did not help me... but I am sure glad she is here at CMU."

~ CMU Doctoral Student

"I'm fortunate to have you to help me and grateful as we work towards ensuring I can stay in school."

~ CMU Undergraduate Student

"Thank you for treating me like a human being. Bad news is always easier to digest when reasonable options to deal with it are presented and it seems as if someone is interested in helping."

~ CMU Undergraduate Student

"We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are to the school for walking beside us in this uncertain time."

~ Family of a CMU Undergraduate Student

"This would not have been possible without your guidance and information. I want to thank you for always taking my calls and answering my emails to provide information."

~ Family of a CMU Undergraduate Student

In 2022, The HUB Handled:

 9,244 Emails

 6,857 Phone Calls

 1,142 Appointments

Our Vision & Mission

Lead in taking a student-centered approach within all areas of administrative impact to create an equitable and transformative experience for the Carnegie Mellon University community.

Provide expert counsel and support to students, families and colleagues, and collaborate with academic and administrative partners for successful student outcomes.