Carnegie Mellon University

Visiting/Non-Degree Enrollment Resources

This page contains important enrollment resources and deadline information for visiting/non-degree students, including registration, grade options, and tuition and fees. Please read carefully and ensure that you have completed all relevant tasks. 

Your Andrew ID grants you access to services including Student Information Online (SIO), email, and the Library Information System. 

If you need assistance resetting your Andrew password, contact the Computing Services Help Center

Helpful guides and resources for remote learning are available on the Student Academic Success Center's Online Learning Guidance webpage.

Tips for viewing course modes in Student Information Online (SIO) are available on The HUB Course Modality webpage.

Questions about course meeting times and access to links to remote coursework should be addressed to your instructors. 

You may register for your desired coursework through Student Information Online (SIO).

The Course Registration webpage provides a helpful outline of the registration process, including the four easy steps all students follow in order to register.

Current high school students and those who will be under the age of 18 as of the first day of classes should reach out to the Non-Degree Advisor via email to register for selected coursework approved for minors. 

Information about course adds, drops, withdrawals, and pass/no pass elections is available on the Course Changes webpage. 

There are three grade options that can be applied to your coursework: For Credit, Pass/No Pass, and Course Audit. Please keep in mind that if you elect the course audit grade option, you must still register for the course and pay tuition.

You can learn more about the various grade options on the Examinations and Grading webpage.

Canvas is CMU's Learning Management System. To access Canvas, click the login link on Carnegie Mellon's Canvas information webpage. If no course information is available within Canvas, it may be that your instructor has not yet released the information or is not using Canvas for the course. Instructors will email students with further information. 

To ensure that your student account is up to date and to check your return status, log into Student Information Online (SIO) and view the Student Account Activity page under the Finances tab.

For questions or concerns about finances, contact your HUB Liaison.

To find important registration and tuition adjustment deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff visiting/non-degree students may be eligible for tuition benefits. If you are eligible for tuition benefits, please apply after your course schedule has been finalized and registration has been completed. This ensures that the appropriate taxation is calculated, if applicable. Applications for tuition benefits should be submitted by the first day of classes of the semester in which you wish to enroll. For more information, please visit the Human Resources Tuition Benefits for Faculty or Tuition Benefits for Staff webpage.