Carnegie Mellon University

Register for Courses in 4 Easy Steps

This page contains step-by-step instructions for course registration at Carnegie Mellon University, including a pre-registration checklist, how to plan and check your course schedule, share with your advisor, confirm your registration start time, and register for courses. 


  1. Use the Stellic Degree Audit Application to monitor your progress and plan your degree. You can search for relevant courses in a number of ways and share your plan with your advisor directly through the application. 
  2. Navigate to the SIO Academic Info tab and select Enrollment Status and the upcoming semester to confirm the following:
    • Enrollment Status is 'Eligible to Enroll' (if not, email
    • Maximum units for which you can register (overloads are reviewed and permitted only after registration week)
    • Class Level, College and Department are correct (if incorrect, please contact your home academic department)
Enrollment Status Screen in SIO

Planning Your Schedule

  • Navigate to the SIO Course Schedule tab and choose 'Plan Course Schedule'
  • Click 'Plan New Schedule', select the upcoming semester, and name your course plan
  • Browse for courses to add, or type the course number into the box and click 'Add'
  • To change a course section in your plan, click the multi-colored course boxes on the right side of the page and select a different course section
  • View more information about a class by clicking on the blue 'i' circle information button
Step 1

Clicking the i circle will take you to a page displaying course information, including instructional modality and location. Pittsburgh students who wish to register for Remote Only (REO) course sections should be sure to check the 'Can I Get In?' column. If the course is open to all students, it will display as Available.

Screenshot of SIO course planning page, highlighting the REO and Available designations.

If the course is being reserved, either for students in a particular department or for international students who are unable to arrive in Pittsburgh for the start of classes in the fall, the 'Can I Get In?' column will display Waitlist.

Screenshot of SIO course planning page, highlighting the REO and Waitlist designations.

To check course reservations, scoll down to the bottom of the page. The 'Reservations' box will display which students are eligible for seats.

Screenshot of SIO course planning page, highlighting the course message section.

Checking Your Schedule

Once you have planned your schedule, please double-check to ensure that you:

  • Do not have a registration hold (if you do, please contact your academic advisor)
  • Have no schedule time conflicts (you are not permitted to register for courses with conflicting times) and that course-section times have not changed
  • Meet the necessary pre-requisites and intend to register for any necessary co-requisites
  • Understand any course messages (select the blue 'i' information link for each course)
  • Meet any course-section reservations

Course Conflicts

While the goal is to plan a schedule in which no time conflicts exist, for exceptional circumstances, you may register for, or add, courses with time conflicts, provided you receive permission from the instructors of the conflicting courses. The process for doing so is as follows:

  • If one of the conflicting courses is outside of your home department, add this course first
  • Obtain written permission (via email) for a conflicting course from both instructors with overlapping courses
  • Provide these permissions to your academic advisor
    • If your advisor has S3 registration permission, the advisor may register you for a departmental course
    • If your advisor does not have registration permission, or the course is outside of your home department, the advisor should email to have the course section entered, overriding the conflict

Stellic Degree Audit

In addition to planning a course schedule in SIO, you may also use the Stellic Degree Audit application, a collaborative tool that assists with schedule planning, retaining past course plans, and meeting degree requirements. All students should still create a course plan and register in SIO. It is not possible to register for classes using Stellic.

Graduate students may not yet have access to Stellic; your academic department will let you know when Stellic is available to you.

Navigate to the SIO Contacts page to find your advisor's email address and phone number. You can send your advisor the name of your planned schedule and review it together. 

Step 2

Navigate to the SIO Registration page under the Course Schedule tab to view your registration start time.

Step 3

  • Click the Registration button on your SIO homepage or select Registration from the Course Schedule tab
  • When it's your time to register for the semester, use the gear wheels to register, drop, switch and manage your waitlist

Step 4