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Visiting High School/Minor Students

This page contains information for current high school students and minors (those who will be under the age of 18 as of the first day of classes) who are interested in taking, or are currently enrolled in, coursework at Carnegie Mellon University. 

If you are not currently in high school and will be over the age of 18 as of the first day of classes, please visit the Visiting Guest Student webpage.

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Petition & Enrollment Process

Get Started

Step 1: Read Visiting High School/Minor Student Guide (pdf)
This guide contains important details, including course restrictions and student account and billing information. Current high school students and minors, along with their parents/guardians, are required to read this guide prior to submitting a Visiting High School/Minor Student Petition.

Step 2: Submit transcript & Visiting High School/Minor Student Petition (pdf) 
Complete the petition including the statement of interest, list of courses you would like to take, and a parent or guardian signature (if you are a minor), along with a scanned copy of your high school transcript and proof of school approval. You can find courses of interest by viewing the Schedule of Classes.

This petition must be completed in its entirety for every semester of enrollment, even if you have already taken coursework. When you have completed your petition, email it along with your accompanying documentation, to

Your petition will be reviewed and you will receive a notification that your petition has been approved or denied within approximately two weeks. 

Step 3: Receive student ID number & Andrew ID
If your petition is approved, you will receive a student ID number and your Andrew ID, along with a link that allows you to set up a password. Your Andrew ID will grant you access to services including Student Information Online (SIO), email, and the Library Information System. If you have not received your Andrew ID within 5 days, please reach out to

You can learn more about Andrew IDs on the Computing Services website.

Register for Courses

Step 4: Plan schedule with the Non-Degree Advisor
If your petition is accepted, you will consult with the Non-Degree Advisor in order to plan your schedule. Because you are a high school/minor student, there are only certain courses in which you are eligible to enroll, as all instructors and teaching assistants are required to have PA Act-153 clearances in order for you to attend their courses, so this meeting is required in order to begin the registration process.  

Step 5: Register 
Once you have decided on a course schedule, the Non-Degree Advisor will register you for courses. You will not be able to register on your own or make schedule changes on your own. All requests must go through the Non-Degree Advisor at

If you are interested in a course with a pre-existing waitlist, please be aware that you will be placed at the end of the waitlist, as preference is given to degree-seeking students. If you are invited to join a course from the waitlist, forward the invitation to and the Non-Degree Advisor will add you to the course.

You can learn more about the waitlist process and timeline by viewing the Waitlist Navigation Guide.

Follow the Academic Calendar 

Step 6: Follow the Academic Calendar
Visiting high school/minor students are subject to all dates and deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar. It is important to familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar for the semester or academic year in which you are enrolled so that you do not miss important dates and deadlines.

If you decide to drop a course and would like a your tuition adjusted, you must to do so before the course add/drop deadline to receive a tuition adjustment (see the Academic Calendar for dates). Tuition for courses dropped after the course drop deadline to receive a tuition adjustment is not adjusted unless a tuition adjustment request is approved.

If you decide to drop a course later in the semester, you must do so by the drop deadline for full semester courses or by the mini-course drop deadline, depending on which courses you are taking (refer to the Academic Calendar for dates). Visiting minor students do not receive Drop Vouchers. 

All course changes must be initiated by emailing the Non-Degree Advisor at

You can learn more about course adds, drops, and withdrawals on the Course Changes webpage. 

Student Visas

If you are an international student interested in our Visiting High School/Minor Student Program, you must already have a valid visa to study in the U.S. in order to apply. Unfortunately, Carnegie Mellon is not able to issue student immigration documents to Visiting High School/Minor Students. 

Petition Materials

Petition Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: April 15 - Aug. 1
  • Spring Semester: Nov. 15 - Dec. 1
  • Summer Session All/One: March 15 - April 1
  • Summer Session Two: March 15 - June 1

Sponsored ID Cards

As a visiting high school/minor student, you are eligible to receive a Sponsored ID Card. Your Sponsored ID Card will give you access to campus buildings, computers, and the university library system. You will not be able to use your Sponsored ID Card as a bus pass, nor will you be able to access discounts provided to degree-seeking students. All ID cards are obtained from The HUB student services center. 

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Taking Courses Pass/No Pass & Auditing

Once registered, if you would like to take the course as a pass/no pass or if you would prefer to audit, submit the appropriate request form by the date listed on the Academic Calendar. Otherwise, you will receive a letter grade for the course.

Please note that your account will still be charged for courses taken pass/no pass and audited courses, and that you must be registered for a course in order to sit in.