Carnegie Mellon University

Your First Day

Whether you are brand new to CMU or returning in a new capacity, HR Employee Services is here to support you. We will help to ensure that your onboarding tasks are completed in a timely manner through regular communications in the weeks leading up to your first day that are personalized to your specific onboarding needs.

On this page:

Initial Workday Onboarding Tasks

You can complete the initial onboarding tasks in your Workday inbox on or before your first day once your hire has been finalized in Workday. A full list of the initial onboarding tasks along with step-by-step instructions can be found in the Workday Onboarding Tasks System Guide [pdf].

The Form I-9 Section 1 must be completed in Workday on or before your first day, and Section 2 must be completed by a CMU representative within three days of your first day of work.

Onboarding Session

HR Employee Services hosts virtual onboarding sessions the first business day of every week for new and rehired faculty and staff. These sessions provide information on time sensitive onboarding tasks, parking/transportation, payroll and benefits along with where to find important resources for new employees.

You are encouraged to attend a virtual onboarding session on your first day, and a New Hire Orientation session within your first month. New Hire Orientation, led by the Learning and Development team, is a great opportunity to learn more about workplace safety and security, university policies, CMU's mission and culture, and the many benefits of being a CMU employee.

CMU Email

It is important that you begin checking your CMU email since university communications, calendar invitations and notifications will be sent there. If your hiring department has provided a department email as well, it is important to connect the two if you will only regularly be checking one of the accounts. Computing Services can assist with any email-related support needs.