Carnegie Mellon University

Offboarding Employees 

From a legal and administrative perspective, it is crucial that all separations are processed in a timely manner. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that all aspects of a separation are addressed.

The tasks outlined on this resource page are critical for a variety of departmental and human resources processes. Delays in addressing offboarding tasks may negatively affect the separating employee and/or the university. Your responsibility to maintain confidentiality of personal, confidential and/or sensitive separation-related information begins at the time you are notified of the employee’s intention to separate and continues after the employee’s departure.

For sensitive situations, including all involuntary separations, please contact your assigned HR business partner prior to performing any offboarding-related tasks, including announcing the employee’s separation. In addition to this resource page, please review the Offboarding Checklist for Supervisors of Staff [pdf] for comprehensive details and responsibilities.

1. Starting the Separation Process

As soon as your employee has notified you of their separation, please ask the employee to use Workday to initiate their separation with the university. You can also work with your HR generalist to initiate this separation in Workday. See the Submit Resignation System Guide [pdf] for more information.

Please note that this process should always begin with the employee notifying their supervisor directly through conversation of their resignation. The Workday process should not replace conversations.

Once the process has been initiated in Workday, the supervisor will have to approve. Once this transaction is approved, the employee will receive notification, and they will receive a copy of the Offboarding Checklist for Employees [pdf] with several tasks to complete.

In addition to the Workday process, employees are required to put their notice of resignation in writing. Sample resignation templates [docx] are available.

2. Supervisor Checklist

After the Workday process has been initiated, the supervisor should refer to the Offboarding Checklist for Supervisors of Staff [pdf] for a step-by-step guide on all tasks that must be completed. Some key tasks of the checklist include:

  • Share the link to the Offboarding Checklist for Staff [pdf] with separating employee
  • Encourage the employee to participate in the exit survey and exit interview
  • Manage the transition of duties process
  • Confirm PTO balance is current and ensure the employee’s last day is not a PTO day
  • Work with your HR generalist to assist employees with a negative PTO balance
  • For hourly employees only, confirm time entries
  • Consider the university’s intellectual property and begin the de-provisioning account process as necessary
  • Process expense reimbursements/settlement of accounts
  • Inform team/co-workers/departments/vendors
  • Consider any university property that must be returned

3. Additional Assistance 

The Offboarding process can be a stressful time. Refer the separating employee to the university’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if they require additional support. The EAP can help with financial and legal support, emotional support/counseling, and other resources that employees may need. The EAP is available to employees for thirty days following their separation date.

Your HR business partner and HR generalist are also available to support you and the employee through this process.