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Vyas Sekar

Vyas Sekar (CS 2010)

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Computer Science (Courtesy)

  • CyLab CIC 2122
4720 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Sekar received his Ph.D. from the computer science department at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010. He earned his bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, where he was awarded the President of India Gold Medal. His work has been recognized with best paper awards at ACM SIGCOMM, ACM CoNext, and ACM Multimedia.


Ph.D., 2010
Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University


Sekar's research focuses on computer systems, networking, and security with broad applications to cloud computing, telecommunication networks, data centers, and Internet-of-Things.


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2010 and earlier

Journal Articles

Miscellaneous (Posters, Extended Abstracts etc)

Technical Reports

  • Effective Network Management via System-Wide Coordination and Optimization 
    Vyas Sekar, 
    Ph.D. Thesis [pdf]
  • Network-wide Deployment of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems 
    Vyas Sekar, Ravishankar Krishnaswamy, Anupam Gupta, Michael K Reiter, 
    Technical Report, CMU-CS-10-124 [pdf]
  • Making Contribution-Aware P2P Systems Robust to Collusion Attacks Using Bandwidth Puzzles 
    Michael K Reiter, Vyas Sekar, Chad Spensky, Zhenghao Zhang 
    Technical Report, CMU-CS-09-136 [pdf]
  • A Case for a RISC Architecture for Network Flow Monitoring 
    Vyas Sekar, Michael K Reiter, Hui Zhang 
    Technical Report, CMU-CS-09-125 [pdf]
  • Coordinated Sampling sans Origin-Destination Identifiers: Algorithms, Analysis, and Evaluation 
    Vyas Sekar, Anupam Gupta, Michael K Reiter, Hui Zhang 
    Technical Report, CMU-CS-09-104 [pdf]
  • An Empirical Evaluation of Entropy-Based Traffic Anomaly Detection 
    George Nychis, Vyas Sekar, David G. Andersen, Hyong Kim, Hui Zhang 
    Technical Report, CMU-CS-08-145 [pdf]
  • Coordinated Sampling: An Efficient, Network-Wide Approach for Flow Monitoring 
    Vyas Sekar, Michael K. Reiter, Walter Willinger, Hui Zhang 
    Technical Report, CMU-CS-07-139 [pdf]
  • Is Host-Based Anomaly Detection + Temporal Correlation = Worm Causality? 
    Vyas Sekar, Yinglian Xie, Michael K. Reiter, Hui Zhang 
    Technical Report,CMU-CS-07-112 [pdf]