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Swarun Kumar

Swarun Kumar

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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4720 Forbes Avenue
Collaborative Innovation Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Swarun Kumar is an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University's ECE department, with a courtesy appointment in the CS department. Swarun's research builds next-generation wireless network protocols and services. Swarun's recent work includes novel systems for low-power IoT and faster networking beyond 5G. He leads the Wireless Technologies (WiTech) lab at CMU. Swarun received the best Ph.D thesis award in Computer Science at MIT and the President of India gold medal at IIT Madras.


  • Frequency Configuration for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks in a Heartbeat, Akshay Gadre, Revathy Narayanan, Anh Luong, Swarun Kumar, Anthony Rowe and Bob Iannucci, NSDI 2020 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • RFID Tattoo: A Wireless Platform for Speech Recognition , Jingxian Wang, Chengfeng Pan, Haojian Jin, Vaibhav Singh, Yash Jain, Jason Hong, Carmel Majidi and Swarun Kumar, UbiComp 2020 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • Silver-Coated PDMS Beads for Soft, Stretchable, and Thermally Stable Conductive Elastomer Composites , Chengfeng Pan, Yun Sik Ohm, Jingxian Wang, Michael J. Ford, Kitty Kumar, Swarun Kumar, and Carmel Majidi, ACS applied materials and interfaces 2019

  • Sozu: Self-Powered Radio Tags for Building-Scale Activity Sensing , Yang Zhang, Yasha Iravantchi, Haojian Jin, Swarun Kumar, and Chris Harrison, UIST 2019 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • Perspective: eliminating channel feedback in next generation cellular networks , Deepak Vasisht, Swarun Kumar, Hariharan Rahul and Dina Katabi, ACM SIGCOMM CCR 2019

  • Software Defined Cooking using a Microwave Oven , Haojian Jin, Jingxian Wang, Swarun Kumar and Jason Hong, MobiCom 2019 (ACM GetMobile Research Hightlight) [PAPER] [SLIDES] [WEBSITE]

  • Pushing the Range Limits of Commercial Passive RFIDs , Jingxian Wang, Junbo Zhang, Rajarshi Saha, Haojian Jin, Swarun Kumar, NSDI 2019 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • Revisiting Software Defined Radios in the IoT Era , Revathy Narayanan, Swarun Kumar, HotNets 2018

  • WiSh: Towards a Wireless Shape-aware World , Haojian Jin, Jingxian Wang, Zhijian Yang, Swarun Kumar, Jason Hong, MobiSys 2018 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • Charm: Exploiting Geographical Diversity Through Coherent Combining in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks , Adwait Dongare, Revathy Narayanan, Akshay Gadre, Artur Balanuta, Anh Luong, Swarun Kumar, Bob Iannucci, Anthony Rowe, IPSN 2018 (Best Paper Award) [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • A Deep Learning Approach to IoT Authentication , Rajshekhar Das, Akshay Gadre, Shanghang Zhang, Swarun Kumar and Jose Moura, ICC 2018 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

  • Towards Wearable Everyday Body-Frame Tracking , Haojian Jin, Zhijian Yang, Swarun Kumar, and Jason Hong, UbiComp 2018 (Best Demo Honorable Mention) [PAPER] [SLIDES] [WEBSITE]

  • Empowering Low-Power Wide Area Networks in Urban Settings , Rashad Eletreby, Diana Zhang, Swarun Kumar, and Osman Yagan, SIGCOMM 2017 [PAPER] [SLIDES] [WEBSITE]

  • Eliminating Channel Feedback in Next-Generation Cellular Networks , Deepak Vasisht, Swarun Kumar, Hariharan Rahul and Dina Katabi, SIGCOMM 2016 (Best Paper Award, GetMobile Research Highlight)

  • Decimeter-Level Localization with a Single WiFi , Access Point, Deepak Vasisht, Swarun Kumar and Dina Katabi, NSDI 2016

  • On the Feasibility of Wi-Fi Based Material Sensing , Diana Zhang, Jingxian Wang, Junsu Jang, Junbo Zhang, Swarun Kumar, MobiCom 2019 [PAPER] [SLIDES] [WEBSITE]


  • Gave a talk on future wireless at TEDxPittsburgh!
  • RFTattoo is accepted at UBICOMP 2020
  • Our work on low-power WANs was accepted at NSDI 2020
  • Check out our smart materials paper at ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • Sozu is accepted at UIST 2019
  • Our work on pushing RFID range limits was accepted at NSDI 2019