Carnegie Mellon University

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Research Professor, Robotics Institute

5000 Forbes Avenue
Newell-Simon Hall 4213
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Stephen Smith is a research professor in robotics. His interests are in artificial intelligence, primarily in the areas of constraint-based search and optimization, automated planning and scheduling, configurable and adaptive problem-solving systems, multi-agent and multi-robot coordination, mixed-initiative decision-making, and naturally inspired search procedures. One integrating focus has been the development of core technologies for coordination and control of large-scale, multi-actor systems, and their application to domains spanning transportation, manufacturing, logistics, mission planning, and energy systems.


Smith's research is focused on tackling fundamental technological challenges relating to problem complexity and solution/system scalability, decision-making under diverse and complex constraints, time-stressed decision-making in dynamic domains, human-computer collaboration, multi-agent and distributed decision-making, and solution/system reconfigurability, reuse and self-improvement.