Carnegie Mellon University

Pulkit Grover

Pulkit Grover

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • B-202 Hamerschlag Hall
  • 412-268-3644
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Pulkit enjoys exploring intersections of energy and information, including “green" communications, wireless power, circuits, and data-center networks, from fundamental as well as practical viewpoints.


Broadly, I am interested in an understanding of information that goes beyond just communication. Our lab seeks to attain this understanding through a mix of thought and laboratory experiments, spanning examination of fundamental limits all the way to experiments. Current topics of interest include fundamental and practical understanding of circuits and systems for processing and communicating information; flow of information in neural systems and neural interfaces (and use of this understanding to design radically new neural interfaces); and understanding information and its use by exploring the union of control and communication. Find a short bio here.


If we could reduce wireless brain sensors’ energy consumption, we could increase capabilities, get higher resolution neural data, and better diagnose brain diseases such as epilepsy. Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering Pulkit Grover talks about world-changing benefits of energy-efficient devices.