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Kevin Noonan

Kevin Noonan

Associate Professor, Chemistry

  • Mellon Institute 849A
  • 412-268-3128
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Expertise

Chemical Processes


1999-2003      B.S. in Chemistry, Dalhousie University

2003–2008     Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of British Columbia


Polymer chemistry, organometallics, homogeneous catalysis, organophosphorus chemistry

Research in our group is focused on the synthesis of new compounds possessing main group elements to impact polymer chemistry and catalysis. The advent of synthetic polymer chemistry has had an enormous impact on our modern world. Though most commercial polymeric materials are made from organic synthons, the incorporation of main group elements or transition metals into polymer backbones can afford materials with unique properties. The synthetic preparation of these materials remains challenging and continued development will result in unique macromolecular architectures. New design strategies to incorporate inorganic elements such as boron and phosphorus into electronic materials will be explored.

The chemistry of transition metals and their use as catalysts to install functionality while controlling regio- and stereochemistry remains an important challenge in chemical synthesis. Sophisticated ligand design can offer mechanistic insight to known reactions while also leading to new catalytic activity. Our research group aims to build unique ligand frameworks using organophosphorus chemistry and apply these in catalyst systems. Many areas of catalysis will be explored including polyolefin synthesis and the development of methodologies to prepare functional organic substrates.


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