Carnegie Mellon University

Chrysanthos Gounaris

Chrysanthos E. Gounaris

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

  • Doherty Hall 3107
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Professor Chrysanthos Gounaris received a Dipl. in Chemical Engineering (2002) and an M.Sc. in Automation Systems (2003) from the National Technical University of Athens. He then attended Princeton University, where he earned an M.A. (2005) and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2008). His doctoral thesis, pursued under the supervision of Professor Chris A. Floudas, explored the use of nonlinear modeling and global optimization techniques to study porous materials. After graduation, Professor Gounaris joined McKinsey & Co. as an Associate, where he provided consultation to petrochemical, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged-goods companies on a variety of projects of operational and strategic nature (2008-2010). He returned to academia to pursue post-doctoral research at Princeton University (2010-2013), after which he joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University as an Assistant Professor (2013-).


Gounaris's research develops theory and quantitative methodologies for complex decision-making. It covers a wide spectrum of application areas that have implications for energy production and utilization, including industrial scheduling and supply-chain optimization, utility network optimization, and the design of high-performing materials. Gounaris’s expertise lies in the area of Mathematical Optimization with emphasis on addressing uncertainty about the systems under study.