Carnegie Mellon University


CMU Energy + Cleantech Hackathon - Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the CMU Energy + Cleantech Hackathon, all participants must be:
  • part of a team with 2-4 members (per team);
  • currently enrolled as a student at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Chatham University, Carlow University, Point Park University, Robert Morris University, or La Roche University;
  • able to attend and be present for all of the scheduled Hackathon events, including but not limited to the kickoff, presentations, and the prize announcement ceremony;
  • at least 18 years old who is legally able to enter into a contract; and
  • a lawful resident of the United States (for clarity, lawful resident does not mean you have to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident in the United States—e.g., being in the U.S. and participating in the Hackathon subject to an appropriate visa is acceptable).