Carnegie Mellon University

students presenting at the CMU VentureWell Energy Hackathon in 2019

CMU Energy + Cleantech Hackathon - Judging Criteria

The judges will consider the following criteria to evaluate final presentations by student teams:


  • Has the team developed a working solution for the challenge?
  • Has the team effectively utilized the data available to them to inform their solution/recommendations?
  • (if applicable) Has the team utilized other publicly available datasets to further validate their solution/recommendations?


  • Does the solution offer sufficient value or benefit to outweigh estimated cost and risk?
  • Are final recommendations/solution backed by sound economic reasoning?

Quality of Presentation

  • Do the slides effectively utilize data visualization in the form of charts, graphs, tables etc. to support recommendations?
  • Did the team deliver a compelling and succinct final presentation?
  • Were the slides visually appealing and easy to understand?
  • How well were team members able to respond effectively to questions related to thier solution/recommendations?