Carnegie Mellon University

scott-at-gceaf-photo.pngScott Institute Faculty @ GCEAF


Pittsburgh Regional Clean Energy Start-up Showcase
12:30-2:45pm in Room # 306
CMU Faculty:
Reed McManigle
(Scott Institute, Office of Tech Transfer)

Clean Energy Showcase
12:00-8:00pm, 3rd and 4th Floor
CMU Faculty:
Venkat Viswanathan (MechE, Scott Institute Energy Fellow), Matthew Guttenberg (MechE Ph.D. student) and Shashank Sripad (MechE Ph.D. student) will showcase battery technologies for electric aviation.

A High Road Energy Transition: Ensuring Fairness for U.S. Workers and Communities
3:00-4:00pm in Room # 304
CMU Faculty: Valerie Karplus (EPP, Scott Institute Energy Fellow)

The Open Energy Outlook: An Open and Collaborative Modeling Effort for Decarbonization Analysis
3:00-4:00pm in Room # 402
CMU Faculty: Paulina Jaramillo (EPP, Scott Institute Energy Fellow)


Systems Thinking to Guide a Rapid and Just Transition to Net-Zero Emissions
11:30am-12:30pm in Room # 413
CMU Faculty: Destenie Nock (CEE, EPP, Scott Institute Energy Fellow)

Enhancing Electric Power Resilience in the Face of Extreme Events
12:30-1:45pm in Room # 306
CMU Faculty:
Granger Morgan
(EPP, Scott Institute Energy Fellow)
Jay Apt (EPP, Scott Institute)