Carnegie Mellon University

Student Safety

Any student planning to erect any art, social, political display in university buildings or spaces not normally dedicated to such display, or on university grounds, must submit the Student Project Display Application.

Instructions for Projects & Installations Application on Campus

The University encourages projects and installations on the Carnegie Mellon campus. This application form is to assist those who propose to erect or install structures on campus both indoors and out. To ensure safety and good communication within our various departments, approvals are required.


Installations or displays, require approvals by 6 individuals. Since review may take a few days to collect the appropriate signatures, applicants should plan appropriately. You should have a supervising faculty member and/or advisor review the application and supports this project.


Applicants are responsible for installing and removing all projects and displays in accordance with the times noted on their application. We ask students and applicants to be considerate of the grounds and areas adjacent to the installation, and to return the site to its original condition upon completion. Student accounts will be charged if the university must repair any damages or remove material. Applicants should keep a copy of this application for the duration of the installation period.


All combustible materials must be treated with a flame retardant approved by Environmental Health & Safety. The student(s) must furnish and remove all materials used in the exhibit. Security of the display is also the responsibility of the exhibitor. Notify University Police at 8-2323 if you wish them to provide additional security.

Maps, Details & Drawings:

For both interior and exterior installations, include appropriate location on a floor plan or map and detailed drawings of the project. These details should be submitted with application form.
Drawings should be to scale and maps can be located at:

Structural Building Guidelines:

All applicable sections of Carnegie Mellon’s Structural Building Guidelines are to be followed in the construction and display of this project. The guidelines can be found at: