Carnegie Mellon University

Safety Inspections

EHS uses annual safety inspections as a means to inform staff, faculty and students about safety program requirements and to answer any questions they may have. EHS performs these inspections through SciShield which is a web-based safety and compliance management platform for academic, clinical and research operations. Comprehensive safety inspections ensure work within laboratories and hazardous communication spaces occurs safely and in compliance with applicable laws, guidelines and University procedures.

Safety inspections ensure workers are:

  • Aware of the risks associated with the work in the groups spaces including physical hazards and chemical and/or biological hazards.
  • Trained on how to mitigate those risks, through facility design, engineering controls, safe work practices, and protective equipment.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements, such as potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous chemicals.