Carnegie Mellon University

Minors in the Laboratory, Shop, Research, Teaching and Other Programs

In keeping with the institution’s mission of education and outreach, Carnegie Mellon provides opportunities to individuals under the age of eighteen (minors) to gain experience in research laboratories for educational purposes.

Environmental Health and Safety strongly supports educational opportunities for minors and is committed to fostering a safe environment for minors by preventing minors’ exposure to hazardous materials, laboratory pathogens, injurious incidents and other inherent dangers that may be present in university laboratories.                                                                                                            

In accordance with this, EHS has developed a guideline to identify when minors may work, conduct research or participate in programs in hazardous areas. The guideline describes the requirements that must be fulfilled before minors, such as those participating in short term summer internship programs and other mentoring programs, will be allowed to participate in different levels of laboratory activities.

Please ensure that all the programs involving minors must be registered with Child Protection Operations.  All requirements as listed in the forms must be fulfilled before minors may begin work in hazardous areas.