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Gretchen Lankford Award

The Gretchen Goldsmith Lankford Award is granted annually to a graduating student in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences for outstanding academic achievement and a commitment to further education and a career in teaching. The Award underlines the Donor's deep conviction that devoted teaching makes a difference in the lives of young people, helping them to fulfill their potentials as intellectuals, citizens, and as human beings.

The award recognizes academic and professional potential, as well as past accomplishments. Nominations will be made by department heads, in consultation with key undergraduate advisors. Eligibility is limited to undergraduate students in Dietrich College, SHS students with a primary major in Dietrich College and BHA students.

The award consists of a monetary grant of $2500 and an attractive book from the student's discipline (chosen by the nominators), inscribed with a plate containing the name and year of the prize and the following prize description:

The Award will be included in the University’s May Commencement program.

Nomination procedure:

  1. Candidates must have graduated, or be scheduled to graduate, between December of the academic year of the award (e.g., 2012-2013), and August of the subsequent academic year (using the same example, August 2013)
  2. Each department may nominate no more than ONE student for the award.
  3. Nominations consist of two letters, plus a candidate statement. One of the two letters (preferably from the department head) should be a cover letter that outlines the nominee's qualifications; the second letter should come from someone in the department who can comment authoritatively on the nominee's graduate school and teaching plans.
  4. The nominee statement should describe the candidate's graduate school and teaching plans.

Nominations are due to: Joanne Ursenbach, c/o the Dietrich College Dean’s Office, Baker Hall 154 by the first Monday in March of the academic year in question.

A selection committee appointed by the Dean will review nominees and select a winner.

Previous Gretchen Lankford Award Winners.