Residence Hall Living-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

Residence Hall Living

Moving onto campus and into a residence hall room can be the most exciting but overwhelming task when transitioning to college. For many students, this is the first time they will have to share a living space with another person. Even beyond sharing a room, they will be sharing the entire building with other classmates. Our residence life staff works hard to match students with compatible roommates before they arrive to campus.

The staff will provide some preparatory information about what to pack and the things students should bring with them when they move into their residence hall. They also do their best to facilitate activities that can help your student acclimate to residence hall life and get to know their fellow hall-mates and living quarters well. You can help your student be more comfortable with their living situation by encouraging them to participate in residence hall activities planned by the resident staff.

It will also be beneficial for your student to get to know their Resident Assistant and Housefellow. These staff members live in the residence hall and have extensive knowledge about campus living. They are also well equipped to help your student deal with common living experiences as well as roommate matters/issues. They are a resource that you can remind your student to make use of when they have questions about campus life, the residence hall, dining services and so much more!