Carnegie Mellon University

Mascot Mark

Role: The Mascot Mark carries a sense of pride and competitive spirit. The Mascot Mark represents every student, alumnus, faculty or staff member and anyone that proudly supports the university. Whether in context of academics or athletics, to display the Mascot Mark is to shout your loyalty to the competitive nature of CMU.

Students, alumni, faculty, staff and other campus groups can use the mascot graphic with their own group/organization name. However, when used in conjunction with another graphic (i.e., club or event), the Mascot Mark must be placed on a different section of the product. For example, if the Mascot Mark is on the front of a T-shirt, the additional logo must be placed on the back or the sleeve. If embroidering the Mascot Mark, email University Communications & Marketing at for the appropriate file.

Digital media occasionally requires variations to the minimum size and safe zones. If faced with these challenges, email University Communications & Marketing at for custom solutions or approval.

Full Mascot Mark

mascot 3 color

Mascot Wordmark

mascot wordmark

The Mascot Wordmark can be used separately from the Scotty Shield.

Scotty Shield

mascot shield only

Do not remove Scotty from the shield.

Minimum Size

mascot minimum size

Smallest size for print references Wordmark standard of 2-inches wide.

Safe Zone

mascot safe space

Leave at least 1 T-width of buffer around the Mascot Marks.

When cropping the Mascot Mark, always be sure that Scotty's eye is visible. Do not add additional frame, rule or border to crop.
scotty crop
scotty cropped
The Mascot Mark is available in 3-color, 2-color, and black and white. Variations exist depending on the background color of the apparel or printed piece (for on-gray, reference the 'on-white' guidelines).

1-Color on Black

white mascot on black

2-Color on Black

red and white on black scotty

3-Color on Black

red and gray on black scotty

2-Color on Red

white on red scotty

3-Color on Red

white and gray on red scotty

1-Color on White

black on white scotty

2-Color on White

red and black on white scotty

3-Color on White

red, gray, and black on white scotty