Carnegie Mellon University


Using a consistent color palette helps build awareness and recognition for CMU. Always match color values to assure exactly the right match.

Core Colors

The core colors of Carnegie Mellon University, registered since the late 1920s, are red, light gray, dark gray, black and white. Carnegie Red should be the dominant color in your color scheme. The grays, black and white support Carnegie Red.

Official university collateral, uniforms, vehicles, signs and other key identity elements should always be produced using the core color palette.

Carnegie Red

carnegie red

C0 M100 Y79 K20
R196 G18 B48



C0 M0 Y0 K100
Black C
R0 G0 B0

Iron Gray

iron gray

C0 M0 Y0 K70
Cool Gray 10 C
R109 G110 B113

Steel Gray

steel gray

C0 M0 Y0 K30
Cool Gray 4 C
R224 G224 B224

Secondary Colors

A secondary palette of color, introduced in 2019, is inspired by the threads of the Carnegie clan Tartan and the iconic architecture of the campus dating back to its origin. The Secondary Colors should be strictly reserved for audiences closely tied to the university for special situations and unique communications.

Use Secondary Colors as accents only to add energy or warmth to layouts as complements to the core palette. When using a Secondary Color, Carnegie Red must be present in the communication vehicle or product.

Tartan Palette | Bold, Youthful, Passionate, Fearless, Audacious

Scots Rose

scots rose

C0 M90 Y60 K0
Red 032 C
R239 G58 B71

Gold Thread

gold thread

C0 M32 Y100 K0
130 C
R253 G181 B21

Green Thread

green thread

C93 M0 Y98 K17
348 C
R0 G150 B71

Teal Thread

teal thread

C100 M0 Y29 K24
7713 C
R0 G143 B145

Blue Thread

blue thread

C100 M75 Y6 K24
288 C
R4 G54 B115

Highlands Sky Blue

highland sky blue

C100 M11 Y3 K12
640 C
R0 G123 B192

Campus Palette | Insightful, Conscientious, Creative, Pragmatic, Entrepreneurial

Machinery Hall Tan

machinery hall tan

C15 M15 Y30 K15
7535 C
R188 G180 B158

Kittanning Brick Beige

Kittanning brick beige

C4 M4 Y13 K8
7534 C
R228 G218 B196

Hornbostel Teal

hornbostel teal

C90 M18 Y32 K54
7476 C
R31 G76 B76

Palladian Green

palladian green

C47 M6 Y28 K18
624 C
R113 G159 B148

Weaver Blue

weaver blue

C100 M62 Y12 K62
7463 C
R25 G44 B75

Skibo Red

skibo red

C0 M96 Y77 K42
7623 C
R149 G17 B32

The Tartan (as a color)

In addition to the core colors, the Carnegie Mellon University Tartan, first commissioned in 1967 for academic hoods, can also be used as an official "color."

Tartan can only be used in full color, monochromatic red or monochromatic gray. The only acceptable Tartans are:

Original Wool | the original fabric from the Carnegie clan

tartan wool

Digital Tartan | a digital re-creation of Carnegie's original wool Tartan, illustrated in 2010 for the center of the Seal

digital tartan

Tartan Straight | created in 2017, uses a series of single width rules in exact pattern and proportions as the original Carnegie Tartan

tartan straight
tartan straight red
tartan straight white

Tartan Wavea dynamic wave effect applied to the Tartan Straight to bring energy and depth to the Tartan

tartan wave
tartan wave red
tartan wave white