Carnegie Mellon University


Our brand presence goal is to always be turning heads, creating a buzz and staying top of mind. Our presence will be known if your communications begin with these three objectives:

Be Compelling

We want to be noticed. We want to be engaging. We want to be relevant.

Be Disruptive

We're not afraid to think outside the box and pioneer new ideas. We see what others are doing and we challenge the status quo by doing it better — and differently.

Go Big

Save time, money and energy for the big moments where we can make a splash.

Communication Principles

These principles represent how CMU should be positioned verbally and visually. The goal is to empower you as storytellers and embolden you with focused ideas as you write or create graphics, photography, video or campaigns.

Be Human

Write, think, emote like a human. Use lively human imagery.

Be Authentic

Use real examples — avoid overly dramatic storytelling, grandiose claims and generic stock images.

Seize Thought Leadership

Lead the conversation. Don't follow it.

Write with Confidence

We are thought leaders. Act like it.

Do Something Different

Try new channels, new language, new approaches.

Don't Always Play It Safe

Challenge the status quo.

Communicate with Respect

Don't patronize. Be considerate and inclusive. Treat them like they're smart. Don't market — talk with them.

Show Your Difference

What is your unique selling proposition? Tell the world why we are unique.