Carnegie Mellon University

Applications of Carnegie Mellon Students for the Practicum-Option M.S. Program

Biomedical Engineering allows a streamlined application process for qualified CIT and MCS students to enter its accelerated Practicum-Option M.S. program, by dramatically reducing the required documents and waiving the application fee.


  • Streamlined application process for the Practicum-Option M.S. Program
  • No GRE scores or recommendation letters required
  • No application fee
  • Late April deadline for Fall entry
  • Admission as early as Spring semester of the junior year or as late as within one year of graduation
  • Counting qualified BME courses unused for the B.S. degree
  • Flexible curriculum adaptable to both CIT and MCS students with various career goals including Health Professions


  • Applying to the practicum-option M.S. program (only)
  • Completed at least the first semester of the junior year, or within a year of graduation from CMU
  • BME additional major with an overall QPA of at least 3.0, or Non-BME CIT or MCS student with an overall QPA of at least 3.3; students with a slightly lower QPA may inquire the Graduate Program Administrator about the procedure of admission.

Students who do not meet the above criteria, and students who are applying for Research Option M.S. or Ph.D. program, must follow the procedure on the general admissions page. However, application fee is waived for all CMU students regardless.

Requirements and Submission

  • Application form with a personal statement
    • For students of BME additional major (docx)
    • For non-BME CIT or MCS students (docx)
  • For non-BME students only, non-official CMU transcript as a pdf file
  • Submission by email to the BME Graduate Program Administrator
  • Application deadline: May 30, 2020 
  • Decision deadline: June 15, 2020 

Please direct inquiries to Maryia Rakach