Carnegie Mellon University

Transfer Credit for Modern Biology

Students wishing to transfer credit for 03-121 from another institution must meet the following requirements:

  1. The course in question should have at least an 80% match in topics with 03-121.  Topics in 03-121 cover the genetic, molecular, cellular, developmental, and evolutionary mechanisms that underlie biological processes and include: Cell theory; Cell chemistry; Cell structure; Function and structure of proteins, DNA, RNA, lipids and carbohydrates; Cell respiration and fermentation; The cell cycle; Cell-cell interactions and communication; Transcription; Translation; RNA processing in Eukaryotes; DNA replication; DNA mutation and repair; Meiosis; Mitosis; and Regulation of Gene Expression. 
    • This information is sometimes available in the course description, but more detail is often found in a course syllabus.
  2. The textbook used in the transfer course should be at a comparable level to S. Freeman (2010) "Biological Science, Vol. 1 (The Cell, Genetics, and Development)," Fourth Edition, Pearson Benjamin Cummings, ISBN 0-321-61347-3.
  3. Introductory level courses that focus on other biology areas (i.e. anatomy, physiology, ecology, evolution, and/or development) will not be accepted for 03-121 credit.  These courses may receive credit for a general biology elective.
  4. Students should contact their academic advisor for the transfer credit approval process in their college.