Carnegie Mellon University

Postbac Research Fellowship in Quantitative Biology Research

The Department of Biological Sciences is offering a new, structured research fellowship for post-baccalaureate fellows. Fellows will be admitted to pursue paid intensive research in faculty labs for 1-2 years. This fellowship will allow students from CMU and other institutions, who have recently completed their undergraduate degree, the opportunity to gain full-time research experience in preparation for PhD research or to gain relevant research experience to stand out in medical school applications or prepare for careers outside of academic research.

In addition to outstanding research in a variety of areas of biology, fellows in the program will have the opportunity to:

The Program

The program is situated on CMU's main campus in the heart of Pittsburgh. Participants in the program will work for 1-2 years as funded post-bac researchers. Fellows will also participate in regular networking and mentoring with department students, faculty, and industry partners to help explore goals for careers after completion.

Participants will participate in research events with the department and events with other program participants. At the end of the first year, participants may apply to extend the program for a second year of research.

During the program, students can also benefit from CMU's resources to explore careers in medicine, academia, or industry.


In order to be eligible, applicants need to have completed a bachelor's degree (or be in the final year of their degree). Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with priority given to applications received before February 1st each year. Applicants should submit our application form [docx] or application form [pdf] along with a 1-page personal statement via e-mail. Students will indicate areas of research interest and, if desired, potential faculty mentors. Three letters of recommendation should be e-mailed to us directly from your recommenders.


Please contact us with any questions about the program.