Carnegie Mellon University

Jason D'Antonio

Assistant Teaching Professor and Director, Health Professions Program

Office: Doherty Hall 1319

Phone: 412-268-8494
Fax: 412-268-5146


Jason D'Antonio


Postdoctoral Appointment, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
B.A., Philosophy and Environmental, Population, & Organismic Biology, University of Colorado

Educational Interests

My excitement for teaching in the classroom started while in Boulder, CO, serving as a TA for Human Physiology. After brief career experiences in criminal law and financial investment, I sought graduate training in the biomedical sciences, based on my passion for medicine and education, to become a college professor. Since officially starting my career in teaching in 2010, I have been able to teach various courses in the biological sciences that have allowed me to broaden my understanding of cellular and molecular biology and apply that knowledge in the context of the human body. Whether teaching intro-level or advanced biology courses, applying concepts drawn from human physiology, immunology, and cancer have enriched the learning experience for students as well as my experience as an educator.

Courses Developed and Taught

  • Human Physiology with lab
  • Great Experiments in Biology
  • Structure and Function of the Human Body
  • General Biology
  • Modern Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology with lab
  • Mechanisms of Pathogenesis
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cancer Biology


As the Director of the Health Professions Program, I am responsible for directing and coordinating all advising programs and resources for all current CMU students and alumni who are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. These careers include but are not limited to medicine (MD, DO, MD/PhD), dental medicine (DMD, DDS), veterinary medicine (DVM, DVM/PhD), pharmacy (PharmD), PA school (PA-C), podiatric medicine (DPM), and optometry (OD). We also work with students interested in pursuing graduate training in the biomedical sciences (PhD, MPH). In addition to advising, we conduct several information seminars and workshops during the year. The highlight of the HPP experience is the committee interview process. I and two strategically selected faculty conduct a 75-90 minute practice interview for each student applicant. The interview enables each pre-health committee to engage the applicant on various aspects of one’s application, asking about motivations for pursuing a career in health care, research and leadership experiences, as well as service commitments. We provide feedback and critique during the interview, assisting students in improving their oral presentation of their application in preparation for the real interviews.

Additional Roles

  • MCS Committee on Undergraduate Affairs
  • Biological Sciences Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • MCS Representative for Phi Beta Kappa society selection committee
  • Advisor for the minor in Healthcare Policy & Management minor


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