Carnegie Mellon University
March 05, 2018

Wellness Challenge: Summer in February

Wellness Challenge

What do you do when Mother Nature gives you a perfect summer day in the middle of February?

That’s the question that Becki Campanaro, Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs, posed to her students on February 20th.  With anticipated high temperatures in the mid-70s and sunny skies in the forecast, Campanaro invited her students to join her in a “Wellness Challenge,” where students were encouraged to get outside for a dose of Vitamin D and a breath of fresh air. 

Students submitted selfies and short descriptions of their outdoor adventures and were entered into a raffle to win a Starbucks gift card.  From playing Frisbee on The Cut, studying in the CFA Arches, taking a stroll with a friend for ice cream, and everything in between, the Biological Sciences students took full advantage of this challenge!

Gloria Oh

"This is just what I needed, thanks for sending out this email! ... I'm sitting in one of the CFA arches reading a book. Best descision ever." - Gloria Oh, freshman
Mason Miles

"Got our greek sing meeting to be outside today!" - Mason Miles, junior
Shreya Desikan

"Skipped the bus ride on the way back from the lab!" - Shreya Desikan, senior
Sarah Yu & Athena Chen

"We were stuck in classes all day but we got a chance to take a walk, eat snacks, and chat after recitation!" - Sarah Yu & Athena Chen, freshmen