Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Incoming Graduate Students

Welcome Incoming Graduate Students!

The Department of Biological Sciences welcomes all of its new graduate students for the start of the Fall 2016 semester.

This year, 6 Ph.D. students, Bibifatima Kaupbayeva, Jennifer Kunselman, Alyssa Lawler, Ashley Leslie, Stephanie Myal, and Tyler Nelson begin their studies. Our incoming Ph.D. students are joining us after completing degrees at universities across the country and around the world, such as the University of Michigan, Wofford College, and Al Farabi Kazakh National University. Over the next few weeks, these students will begin the first of three lab rotations, where they learn more about the department's faculty and research. After completing their lab rotations and core courses, the new students will select a research advisor, marking the beginning of their doctoral research at Carnegie Mellon University.

Additionally, 26 M.S. in Computational Biology students, Donald Dalton, Han Deng, Jesse Eaton, Yinyi Fan, Zhilin Huang, Winslow Johnson, Benjamin Kaufman, Luyi Ma, Jianqiu Mou, Muhammad-Sharif Moustafa, Aiyappa Parvangada, Akash Ramachandra, Murtaza Saif, Na Tan, Tianqi Tang, Lu Tian, Shefali Umrania, Long Wang, Weihua Wang, Sumin Wang, Xianting Wang, Jacob West-Roberts, Xiaojun Wu, Dongying Xie, Han Xie, and Zhefan Zhu are joining the department in the joint program with the Computational Biology Department. They are coming from all over the globe, having previously attended universities in New York, California, China, Massachusetts, Colorado, and India, among others. Their previous degrees are in biomedical engineering, computer science, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and other related fields.

Welcome all to the Department of Biological Sciences!