Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ranking Graduate Program

Top Ranking Graduate Program According to Student Reviews

The Department of Biological Sciences has been ranked as a top graduate program, according to, a graduate program guide that ranks programs based on reviews by current and recent graduate students. Our graduate program, with an average student rating of 8.50, placed No. 4 in the top 25 biology programs. Our 8.50 student ranking was near the top score of 9.38, reflecting all rated biology programs in the country.

Program rankings, compiled using data gathered between September 1, 2012 and September 30, 2015, encompass reviews posted by more than 75,000 students participating in over 1,600 graduate programs nationwide. Ratings are based on a 10 star system (with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best).

The Top 25 Biology Programs are listed below:

1. Duke University
2. Indiana University Bloomington
3. University of South Florida
4. Carnegie Mellon University
5. Tufts University
6. Southeastern Louisiana University
7. The University of Montana
8. University of California-Berkeley
9. Yale University
10. Harvard University
11. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
12. Drexel University
13. University of Washington Seattle
14. George Mason University
15. University of Notre Dame
16. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
17. Johns Hopkins University
18. Florida Atlantic University
19. Adelphi University
20. University of Missouri-Columbia
21. California State University San Bernardino
22. University of California San Diego
23. Columbia University
24. Florida International University
25. University of Nebraska at Kearney reaches current and recent graduate students through scholarship entries as well as social media platforms, and assigns 15 ranking categories to each graduate program at each graduate school.  Rankings cover a variety of student topics such as academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid and quality of network.

For a given graduate program, rankings are determined by calculating the average score for each program based on the 15 ranking categories. These scores are then compared across all ranked schools for that program and are translated into a final ranking for that graduate program.