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Friday, October 9, 2015

iGEM team 2015

iGEM Team Wins Interlab Study Award and Gold Medal at World Jamboree

Fort Pitt BridgeThe 2015 Carnegie Mellon University iGEM Team attended the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) World Jamboree in Boston held on September 24-28th, 2015. The team returned with an Interlab Study Award and achieved a Gold Medal in the competition.

The team's project, “BEAM, Biosensor Emission Analysis Machine”, was a culmination of a diverse and interdisciplinary team of 10 undergraduates, which included Ruchi Asthana, Will Casazza, Donna Lee, Kenneth Li and Michelle Yu from Biology, Niteesh Sundaram and Jordan Tick from ECE, Dominique MacCalla and Max Telmer from Materials Science, and Wei Mon Lu from Chemical Engineering. The team characterized and submitted fluorescent proteins, luciferases and estrogen sensor parts to the Registry of Standard Parts, 3D printed a luminometer for measuring biosensor reporters and 3D printed the Fort Pitt Bridge for bioluminescent illumination to increase public awareness of synthetic biology.

The project can be viewed and further explored at the CMU iGEM team website. Congratulations to this year's iGEM team for all of your success and hard work!