Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BioSAC Carnival 2011

BioSAC at Carnival

Do you remember when the brontosaurus was a dinosaur? If so, then the Biological Sciences Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) booth at Carnegie Mellon University’s Annual Spring Carnival was the place for you.

Members of BioSAC used this year’s Carnival theme of “When I was Your Age” to inspire their “Brontosaurus was a Dinosaur” booth. Visitors to the booth were able to play “Find the Dinosaurs” by spinning a wheel of dinosaur names, then choosing the wheel-selected dinosaur from a mural on the adjacent wall.  By signing their names or drawing within a dinosaur-shaped outline surrounded by tartan plaid, guests also successfully created a “CMU Dinosaur.” Last, attendees were able to pretend they were a dinosaur or paleontologist by posing in cutouts.

For all of their hard work, BioSAC was awarded third place in the Blitz Booths competition, making this year’s entry the third winning BioSAC booth. Committee Chair Lynley Doonan, Assistant Chair Joe DeFazio and 15 undergraduates helped plan and construct the booth.

Carnival 2011 took place on April 14 – 16, 2011. See you next year!

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