Wiegand Gym-Jared L. Cohon University Center at Carnegie Mellon University - Carnegie Mellon University

Wiegand Gym

The Wiegand Gym is available for basketball, volleyball, or badminton. Patrons should set up the nets for badminton or volleyball. Nets are located in the rear corner of the gym.

When courts are being used for basketball, patrons wishing to play volleyball or badminton should wait for the current game to end. After the game ends, basketball players are obliged to allow patrons waiting to play volleyball or badminton to take over the court.

The Wiegand Gym is frequently reserved for intramural sports, as well as for large-scale events. Recreational patrons may not use the gym during these times.


The gymnasium is across from the Equipment Desk on the first floor. It is available on a limited basis for athletic events or high-capacity events as approved by the CUC director. Please contact the Scheduling Office to request use of the space.

Rental fees apply for any setup needs. A $350 fee will be charged for the use of mats to protect the gym floor for all non-athletic events. Tables and chairs, as well as any other setup needs, must be rented through an outside company, so rates vary depending on setup.

104ft. x 129ft.

Standard setups
Concert style (standing) 1000
Auditorium style 800