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Athletic Facilities

The Cohon University Center is home to a varied athletic facility designed for casual, recreational patrons. To use the athletic facilities in the CUC, you must follow the Athletic Facilities Policies.

Equipment Desk

The Equipment Desk is on the first floor of the CUC. Patrons visiting the gym should check in with the desk attendant before visiting any of the athletic facilities.

Services available

Sports equipment Patrons may borrow sports equipment from the Equipment Desk by signing them out with their Andrew ID.
Towel service
Guests may borrow one towel at a time for use after showering or swimming. All towels must be returned to the Equipment Desk.
Locker rental
  • Box locker (11h x 10w x 12d) $60 per year
  • Half locker (34h x 13w x 18d) $100 per year

Daily use lockers are available. Patrons must bring their own locks, and may only use the locker during the duration of their visit to the athletic facilities.

Laundry service
Patrons may purchase a year's worth of laundry service for exercise clothing at the Equipment Desk for $85.
Personal training

A two-session introductory package is $55 and includes a fitness assessment (in the first 45-minute session) and exercise plan (in the second 30-minute session).

After the first two sessions, patrons may pay for 5 sessions at $25 per session (total of $125) or 10 sessions at $23 per session (total of $230). Each session is 30 minutes.

Facility hours

Mon.-Fri. 6a.m.-10p.m.
Sat. & Sun. 10a.m.-10p.m.


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