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Family Weekend

Dates: July 20-22, 2018

Family Weekend is a chance for you to come and explore the campus and your student's program. We are looking forward to spending a great weekend with you! All students are encouraged to participate regardless if their family is visiting.

Important Family Weekend information

  1. Parking: Please note that the East Campus Garage is a convenient place to park on campus.
  2. Accommodations: If you don’t already have accommodation reservations, suggestions can be found here.
  3. Campus Map: A campus map can be found here for your convenience.

Absence From Campus Permission Form

An Absence from Campus Form is required any time a Pre-College student is away for more than 4 hours and/or riding in a private vehicle (even a parent’s private vehicle). If students are staying away from the residence hall for any reason (even if they are staying with parent/guardian in your hotel room) we require this form to be on file. This is the only way we have to ensure that every student is accounted for on a daily basis. Please note that forms may not give blanket permission for the weekend; they must contain specific dates and times that the student will be away, specifying if they are going to be away overnight. 

Curfew Policy

Please remember that all students are expected to sign in for curfew each night. This includes the evenings of Family Weekend. If your student will be staying with you overnight, you must complete an Absence from Campus Permission Form (see previous item).

Friday and Saturday night curfew: 11pm (Building), 12am (Floor).

Day Guest Policy

Any guests that will be entering the residential facility must be listed on the Approved Visitor field in the Student Life Information form on the Enrollment Portal. Guests will be required to sign in and out of the building and wear a wristband distributed daily at the entrance to the residence halls. We will not permit any overnight guests in the residence halls. All guests must vacate the residence hall before building curfew (11pm on Friday and Saturday nights).

3 week move-out

3 week students must move out by 12pm (noon) on Sunday, June 22. If you are a 3 week student/family, please refer to your email for the checkout procedures. If you did not receive the email, please call 412-268-2142 or email