Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-College Summer Programs

Pre-College Student Affairs

Staff Information

42 residential staff are employed seasonally in addition to the professional staff (ratio is about 1 Counselor: 13 Students). The Counselors are available 24/7 and are responsible for supervising and creating community in the residence halls. They go through extensive training.

Residential Counselors reach out to the students and encourage participation and build community. Many students will find themselves with quite a bit of homework, so our staff is there to supervise as well as help the students to navigate time-management and school-life balance.

Community Advisor (CA)

The CAs are part of the senior staff for the Pre-College Program. These individuals are current Carnegie Mellon students with experience in Student Life at Carnegie Mellon.  They are responsible for the supervision of the RA Staff and the day to day operation of the Pre College Program.

Residential Advisor (RA)

Pre-College RAs are staff members who are responsible for all non-academic experiences and activities for students in the program. Senior RAs have at least 1 year of residential leadership experience as Pre-College RAs. RAs have the most direct out-of-classroom contact with Pre-College students, each being responsible for 15-20 residential students.