Campus Construction-Pre-College - Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Campus Construction Projects

Carnegie Mellon continues to expand its campus footprint to support the limitless teaching, learning, and research goals of its students, faculty and staff. This summer, four large-scale construction projects will be ongoing during your time on campus. We ask that you please be aware of the construction areas, signage, and any closures/detours and note that all construction areas are monitored with video cameras. Access to any construction site on campus is strictly prohibited. Additional information related to each project is below:

Tepper Quad

The David A. Tepper Quadrangle, the future centerpiece of the University’s north campus, will make use of the existing Morewood parking lot. Partial closures of Forbes Avenue (down to one lane) will occur in two phases this summer to accommodate the project. Drivers and pedestrians should be aware of altered traffic patterns and pedestrian detours. Bus stops will be impacted: the westbound bus stop across from Cyert Hall will remain, the westbound stop across from Hamburg Hall will be removed, and the eastbound stop near Hamburg Hall will move westward toward the Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center (RMCIC) drive. Learn more.

Heinz - Hamburg Hall Addition

The Hamburg Hall Addition will add a new 150-seat lecture hall, group and individual study space, student project rooms, and a café to the existing facility. The west rear entrance of Hamburg Hall is closed due to construction activities in the courtyard between Hamburg Hall and Smith Hall. Heavy construction will take place between 5 am and 8:30 am with moderate construction between 9 am and 5 pm (with short periods of loud noise activities). Learn more.