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This page is intended for students and their families whom are enrolled in the Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Program. Here you will find information on what it is like to be a student outside of the classroom. Please visit the Office of Admisson Pre-College website for information about applying to the program.

College-Level Courses: Pre-College is a shortened version of a first-semester of college. Students not only experience a real classroom and complete Carnegie Mellon coursework, they also get a glimpse of what it takes to interact with professors, classmates and a roommate at a level they may have not yet encountered.

Prepare for College: Students who have participated in Pre-College return to high school with a much better sense of what they need to do in preparation for college or what college setting they may now either like or dislike. They may feel more confident about going off to college.

Outside of the Classroom: Pre-College is a great social opportunity in addition to the academics. There are weekend events organized for the students so they can explore the city in an exciting, but supervised atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to meet others from all over the country and the world. Bonds between classmates and roommates are typically strong and long lasting.

360o Takeaways: Students gain so much from their experience in Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College programs. They'll be challenged, but they'll also gain confidence from their new independence and will feel a sense of accomplishment having completed real college-level coursework. We truly strive to make Carnegie Mellon "home" for the summer. Our sincere hope is that you find your summer college experience challenging and fun, exploring all that Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh have to offer.

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