Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Resources

Unit Tutoring

Tutoring for Physics and Calculus will be available at the Steel City NROTC Unit for four hours per subject per week.  Midshipmen are required to check the POW for the location and times of the tutoring sessions.

Study Hours Form

Carnegie Mellon University

Midshipmen may receive additional tutoring services at the Department of Academic Development.  These services include academic counseling, peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and collaborative learning groups.  Students may visit its website here or visit the center in Cyert Hall Suite B5.

University of Pittsburgh

Pitt Midshipmen may receive a variety of additional academic resources.  These resources include:

Duquesne University

Duquesne Midshipmen may receive additional academic resources at the Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center.  Services provided include tutoring and mentoring, a learning skills center, a writing center, and freshmen grade monitoring.  Students may contact the center by email at, by phone at (412) 396-6661, by visiting its website, or by visiting the center on the Ground Floor of the Administration Building Monday - Thursday from 0830-1800 and Friday from 0830-1700.

Battalion Academics Officer

Midshipmen in need of academic support, advice, or additional services should contact the Battalion Academics Officer or their school Asst. Academic Officer.