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Hospital Assignment

Nurse Corps

The Nurse Corps is an integral part of the Navy medical establishment.  Navy Nurses are deployed all over the world, participating in humanitarian missions, and supporting the Global War on Terror. The Nurse Corps has deployed 600 active-duty nurses and activated approximately 400 Reserve nurses in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. These nurses are currently serving at fleet hospitals, aboard hospital ships, and with the Marine Corps in a variety of locations across the globe. 

Upon graduation, Nurse Option midshipmen are assigned to Naval Hospitals around the world, to include but not limited to, Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, Balboa Naval Hopsital in San Diego, CA, Portsmouth Naval Hospital in VA, or Naval Hospitals in Okinawa, Japan, and Guam. Assignment of hospitals takes place during the senior year of college, and Nurse Option midshipmen must pass the NCLEX to become a registered nurse prior to executing orders to a Naval Hospital. Assignment is based upon the individual's request, academic record, military aptitude, and needs of the Navy.

Navy Medicine's forward deployed mission requires that all Navy nurses participate in a number of operational platform courses and exercises. Courses include combat casualty care, strategic medical readiness contingency, medical management of chemical and biological casualties, trauma nurse course/fleet hospital field training, and fleet hospital operational readiness evaluation.