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Unit History

Established in 1926, the Naval ROTC program was intended to provide additional Naval Reserve Officers.  Today, however, the Naval ROTC program is the single largest commissioning source that produces officers for the Navy and the Marine Corps.  Commissioned on December 16, 1987, the Steel City Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit is one of 61 Naval ROTC units and consortiums across the nation.  Composed of students from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, we commission some of the finest officers joining the Navy and Marine Corps team today.  Lead by a staff of six active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel, the instruction and training that our Midshipmen receive is not only exceptional, but also hands-on.

Current Commanding Officer

Captain Michael C. Tomon, USN (2021-Present

Previous Commanding Officers

Captain James F. Jordan, USN, Retired (1987-1991)

Captain Joseph D. Mazza, USN, Retired (1991-1995)

Captain Jeffrey A. Fischbeck, USN, Retired (1995-1998)

Colonel Wayne A. Clemmer, USMC, Retired (1998-2001)

Captain James R. Stapleford, USN, Retired (2001-2003)

Captain Keith L. Wray, USN, Retired (2003-2006)

Captain Keith P. Bowman, USN, Retired (2006-2008) 

Captain Gregory M. Billy, USN, Retired (2008-2011)

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph M. Grant, USMC, Retired (2011)

Captain Thomas M. Calabrese, USN, Retired (2011-2014)

Captain Jeff Coran, USN, Retired (2014-2016)

Captain William Breitfelder, USN (2016-2019)

Captain William C. McKinney, USN (2019 - 2021)