Carnegie Mellon University

Core Courses

Core courses establish the necessary background and a common competence level in each of the four thematic areas. Students must take at least one core course option from each of the Concentration areas below for a total of forty-eight units minimum.

Data Analytics

  • Option 1: 05-834 Applied Machine Learning (fall/spring)
    • (Note: Students in the Data Analytics Concentration may not take 05-834)
  • Option 2: 17-685 Dynamic Network Analysis (spring)
  • Option 3: 10-601/10-701 Introduction to Machine Learning (fall/spring)
    • (Note: Students may not take both 05-834 and 10-601/701)

Politics and Strategy

  • Option 1: 84-605 The Future of Warfare (fall)
  • Option 2: 84-687 Technology and Policy of Cyber War (spring)

Information Security

  • Option 1: 17-631 Information Security, Privacy, and Policy (fall)
  • Option 2: 18-631 Introduction to Information Security (fall)

(Note:  Students may not take both 17-631 AND 18-631.

Software and Networked Systems

  • Option 1: 15-640 Distributed Systems (fall/spring)
  • Option 2: 15-641 Networking and the Internet (fall)
  • Option 3: 18-741 Computer Networks (spring)
  • Option 4: 17-635 Software Architecture AND 17-632 Software Project Mgmt (spring 1st half minis)
  • Option 5: 17-636 Applied Distributed Systems (spring 1st half mini)


  • 17-646 DevOps and Continuous Integration (spring 2nd half mini)


  • 17-647 Data Intensive and Scalable Systems (spring 2nd half mini)

(Note: Students in the Software and Network Concentration may not use Options 4 or 5 for their core requirement.  The courses may be used toward concentration requirements.)